We Build Futures

Bayis Lepleitos provides needy girls with love, education and the opportunity to a bright and happy tomorrow.

Give me a home – Sara’s story

Give me a home

Bayis Lepleitos is a home for 100s of girls with no real place to call home. Some of them have been orphaned at a young age, whilst others come from broken and troubled backgrounds,bearing the most horrific scars. We provide them with a safe nurturing environment, endless love and care but most importantly a place to call home.

Our mission:

At Bayis Lepleitos, we give our girls much more than a roof over their heads.

We shower them with love and emotional support, heal their wounds, nurture their self-confidence and equip them with the tools they need to build successful lives.

We provide

A warm and loving home

Food and clothing

Caring Staff

Excellent schooling

After school activities

Matchmaking and weddings

Career training

Support a Child