About Us

Give me your tired, your poor, huddled masses…

A safe haven for life’s littlest victims.

Bayis Lepleitos originally served as home for the orphans who trickled in, devastated and penniless, from blood soaked Europe. But war can take many forms, as can homelessness, which is why today, 65 years later, our mission statement remains unchanged – providing a warm, stable environment where homeless girls can grow and thrive.

A home needs to be one.

Our girls have suffered tremendously, and we are determined to do everything in our power to create safe new lives for them, as any parent would- at home.

We’re not talking basics. We’re talking everything a normal, healthy girl needs, from extra tutoring to clothes to trips. And then there are the things normal, healthy girls don’t need. Trauma therapy. Rehabilitation. Medical intervention for abuse related injuries. The list goes on and on- and so do we. After all, what don’t you do for your kids?

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