Sponsor a Child

The closest thing to a parent they’ll ever have

How sponsorship works:

Sponsor a child

Sponsor a girl living in Bayis Lipleitos.

Rewrite a future

Your monthly contributions will pay for food, shelter and therapy, to help heal her broken past and build a brighter future.


Your contributions will be combined with those of three other sponsors, thereby maximising its effect.


Correspond with your child through letters and pictures, giving her the childhood she never had.


You’ve just made the world a better place.

Call: 0208 144 9181

Email: info@bayislepleitos.org.uk

As much we do to provide our kids with love and care, the cruel fact remains – these kids are orphans or living orphans.  Nothing can ever replace real parents; nothing but parents can give a child that delicious sense of ‘just for me – because I’m yours. Sharing parents with hundreds of others can be hard and deep in her heart each girl dreams of having her own.

You can give one girl the thing she longs for most, you get to adopt one of adorable children from afar. You get to send her birthday cards, letters, visit her and chat on the phone, giving her the childhood she never had.

You’ll get regular updates and photos, of course. In fact you can do all the things you would do for your own child.

Support a Child